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Sub, 24.02.2001 - 19:30 -- nikola.tumbas

Mayors Ball

Sub, 24.02.2001 - 19:30 -- nikola.tumbas

 'Mala gostiona' Palić

Top Six

Sub, 24.02.2001 - 11:45 -- nikola.tumbas

Billiard club Snooker is the host of 6. Top tournament.

Parties from Serbia and Montenegro...

Čet, 22.02.2001 - 18:00 -- nikola.tumbas

Book Parties from Serbia and Montenegro in political conflicts in period 1990-2000 written by political analyst Vladimir Goati was presented on Open University.


Pon, 19.02.2001 - 19:00 -- nikola.tumbas

Presentation of the book 'DRAGULJI BUNJEVAČKE RIZNICE' collected and written by Stevan Tonković - Pipuš.

Opening of Mondo

Ned, 18.02.2001 - 19:00 -- nikola.tumbas

Mond College, new school in town.

Restauration of the sinagogue

Ned, 18.02.2001 - 11:22 -- nikola.tumbas

Synagogue - waiting for restaurateurs. In the mean time elements of nature, and peoples carelessness are destroying it. Recently complete gate in the fence vanished without a trace... ( eventualy traced - tooken for the repair :)

Aladžić Viktorija


Baptizing ceremony

Ned, 18.02.2001 - 09:30 -- nikola.tumbas

Ceremony of baptizing - catolich church in Šandor

New local newspaper 'OKO'

Čet, 15.02.2001 - 20:32 -- nikola.tumbas

From today we have new local newspaper 'OKO' / monthly edition /. Tonight in cafe Klodovik was the official promotion of the first issue and cocktail for friends and guests.

Meda i Felix

Sre, 14.02.2001 - 20:00 -- nikola.tumbas

'Meda' host of the new show, 'Something little different', making first one in a series with his crew and guest Felix, in Wiena caffe..