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Opening of Gilmor - Optic

Pon, 03.04.2000 - 17:30 -- nikola.tumbas

Sunglasses store, on Czar Jovan Nenad square, with large number of high quality frames. Just call 024-38-080 for info.

The first terrace on 'Korzo'

Uto, 28.03.2000 - 17:00 -- nikola.tumbas

Late tonight, unofficially +cafe opened the first terrace on 'Korzo'. And by tomorrow morning every but two, terrace was open on Borisa Kidrica street.. By the way that night in +Cafe band 'neverne bebe' was there chatting : ), some of them you maybe recognize.

Dump place

Sub, 25.03.2000 - 12:00 -- nikola.tumbas

Step by step and we got a Dupm in the town, very near by the CITY HOSPITAL : (

Cup of Serbia

Pet, 24.03.2000 - 14:00 -- nikola.tumbas

Waterpolo for 15 years old cadets. 24-26 March. Taking part: Vojvodina - Novi Sad, Spartak - Subotica, Partizan - Beograd, Niš, Bečej.


Sre, 22.03.2000 - 14:00 -- nikola.tumbas

Down town 'Otpor' in action, actually accompanied by DS - Saša Vučinić, GSS- Karolj Sente, LSDV - Branimir Nikolić, SGS - Ilija Šujica, SPO - Đuro Vucelić, SVM - Janos Nemet and UGS Nezavisnost -sorry, no name.

Exhibit of aquarelles

Sre, 15.03.2000 - 19:00 -- nikola.tumbas

by Đuro - Đorđe Maravić in Bucka Ganjo.

Mayors Ball

Uto, 07.03.2000 - 20:00 -- nikola.tumbas

Restaurant 'Mala Gostiona' - Palic, 07.03.2000. 23.00.
Few photos from Mayor's ball Photos of guests are random, because of lack of space it was not possible to put them all.


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